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2009 Land Tamer 8x8 Amphibious in Snohomish, WA
Price: $28,000

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  • 2009
  • Land Tamer
  • 8x8 Amphibious
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  • Green
2009 Land Tamer 8x8 Amphibious

2009 Land Tamer 8x8 Amphibious vehicle RAM

The Land Tamer RAV is an 8 wheel drive amphibious remote access vehicle built like no other. It was designed to be the ultimate workhorse vehicle for the farmer, rancher, utility company, government agency or outdoorsman who needs a more powerful, more durable, more versital, higher load capacity, stable and safer ATV. it had 3 to 4 time more horsepower ans torque than the typical plastic recreational ATV and has hefty cargo capacities. The Land Tamer can turn on a dime, maneuver through rough, steep terrain and go places that the typical 4x4 ATV simply cant go. with the optional track system the Land Tamer can also serve as a snow coach for over the snow applications in the winter. The Land Tamer can also float and propel itself through water with the tires alone, or either by mounting an on-board motor on the rear cargo rack, or by utilizing the optional water propulsion system.

The Land Tamer features a powerful turbo diesel engine coupled with a closed loop hydrostatic transmission. From the engine, power is transmitted to a pair of Eaton hydrostatic pumps and a pair of Eaton drive motors. From the two drive motors, torque is delivered via a common drive shaft that connects all the gear boxes on each side so they all rotate together. The hydraulic drive system is a proven reliable and easy to maintain system which designed to withstand the rigors of the hard working outdoorsman.

Engine Kubota 2.0L Turbo Diesel
Drive System Hydraulic
Wheels and Tires 6 bolt 31x15.5-15 8ply agriculture tire and wheel
Weight 2600LB
Dimensions 78"W x 151"L x 53"H

Unit is located in Snohomish, WA.

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Stock Number: C158795Y

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